Council meetings will be held the 3rd Saturday of

each month at 10:00 am in the Community Hall

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COVID19 Restrictions will be in place


Ban On Pruning Elm Trees In Effect 

 The annual ban on pruning elm trees in Saskatchewan to help curb the spread of Dutch elm disease (DED) is in effect now until August 31. During this period, it is illegal to prune elm trees.

The ban occurs at the time of year when the elm bark beetles that spread DED are most active. Fresh cuts from trimming trees can attract the tiny insects, increasing the chance of an infection. 

 Tips for Protecting Elms in Your Community: 

  • Prune elms before or after the ban period to keep them healthy and better able to resist all types of disease, including DED. 
  • Remove unhealthy and dead elm wood cuts, reducing places for beetles to breed and the risk of infection.  
  • Remove and dispose of DED-infected elms promptly, including during the ban period.












The Resort Village of Glen Harbour

A friendly community located on Highway 322 Northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan along Last Mountain Lake. The population of the village grows during the summer months although more residents are living here year round due to the easy commute to Regina.

Glen Harbour is a fantastic place to live! Residents and visitors can enjoy the sun, the beach, take a refreshing swim in the lake, visit the playground, have a game of horse-shoes, fish, or water-ski. There are also great golf courses nearby! In winter snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skating are just a few of the outdoor activities!